School Library

In our school, we are extremely fortunate to have our own school library. Each class attends the library once a week. During this time, they can borrow books, carry out guided reading or simply enjoy curling up with a book. As well as our school library, each class has a library of its own, from which children can borrow books. We encourage the use of the local public library in Coolock and each class makes frequent visits there throughout the year for different events and activities.

School Gardens

We are also fortunate to have a school garden, where the children have the great experience of growing flowers, fruit and vegetables. By collecting all organic waste in the school, we have an abundant supply of compost to keep our garden bright and beautiful! The garden also allows us to teach a key element of the Science and Geography curricula, namely fostering an appreciation and understanding of living things and our natural environment, as well as conservation.

Our School Hall and Astro Turf

Our “halla” is a great resource to have, especially for teaching PE. We also use the school hall for our many school celebrations, such as our Leaver’s Assembly, Christmas Performances and our St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations. As we have so many school sporting teams, our school hall and our astroturf are a hive of activity before school, at break time and after school. At these times, you will find our school teams training for their various sporting events.

Digital Technology Infrastructure

Each classroom has its own interactive whiteboard (SMARTBoards) and access to WiFi, when required. St. Fiachra’s SNS are extremely fortunate to have two iPad trolleys containing over 30 iPads. Having access to iPads enables the teacher to enrich the learning of each child and also in implementing the Digital Learning Framework for Primary Schools. Having a digital technology skillset is key for 21 st century learners and in helping children develop curricular skills, concepts and knowledge, research and presentation skills as well as general computer literacy skills.