Download Mobile Phone & Digital Devices Policy.  (pdf, 101kb)


In the spirit of child protection and in light of our duty of care, the staff and Board of Management of St. Fiachra’s Senior School strongly recommends that parents not allow their children to bring mobile phones or any digital device to school.



The purpose of this policy is

  • to protect children from bullying by phone or digital device during school hours;
  • to protect children from accessing or being exposed to inappropriate material via the mobile phone or digital devices during school hours;
  • to protect children and staff from being photographed or recorded (video or audio) while at school.


Where a child has a mobile phone in school:

  1. Pupils are not permitted to have mobile phones or digital devices switched on or to use them in any way while on the school premises as defined by the boundary fence, during the school day. Phones or digital devices brought onto the school premises must be kept at the owner’s risk in school bags out of sight and switched off.
  2. Liability for any loss, damage or theft of any device is NOT, under any circumstances the responsibility of the staff or the school Board of Management.
  3. Children who are in breach of the policy will have the phone or digital device confiscated by the teacher / principal or deputy principal. The device will be kept in the principal’s office for collection. Parents will be notified of the confiscation and can retrieve the device by calling to the school.
  4. Under no circumstances is a child allowed to use the camera, or audio or video recording function of the device on the school premises or on a school outing of any description.


Guidelines and Procedures

  • Members of the Board and of staff will endeavour through implementation of this policy to protect children from harm or suffering caused by the mis-use of mobile phones or other digital devices on the school premises during school hours.
  • Sanctions for the mis-use of phones and other digital devices are listed in the school Code of Behaviour on the school website, see Appendix A page 2: ‘Transmitting or bringing to school any digital material that may be offensive to any member of the school community’. The sanctions include confiscation of the device, separation from peers and suspension from school.
  • The staff of St. Fiachra’s Senior School, the Board of Management and the Parents’ Council recognise that parents may need to contact their child during the school day. The school facilitates children and parents alike who need to get in contact. The school number is 01-8477762 and the children are welcome to use the school landline whenever urgent need arises.