Download Staff Mobile Phone Policy Policy.  (pdf, 87kb)


The aim of this policy is to protect the teachers, staff and pupils of St. Fiachra’s Senior NS from mis-use of mobile phones.

Mindful of the duties and responsibilities assigned to staff in working with children, it is important that staff be engaged with children at all times. In this context, access to and the use of mobile phones should be limited to urgent school business.

Calls to parents and other outside agencies:

In the first instance, teachers should use the school landline for all calls and only use their own personal mobiles when the school phone is unavailable and the matter is urgent.

Calls to parents should be kept as brief as possible. Where a lengthy conversation with parents/guardians is anticipated, an appointment should be arranged.

Calls to other professionals and organisations linked to the pupil’s progress (or welfare) such as to the HSE, NEPS or TUSLA should be made in consultation with the Principal/ Deputy Principal and classroom supervision will be arranged.

Where the content of the call is likely to be sensitive and confidential, the call should be made from the principal’s office.

Personal calls:

Personal calls should be made only during break times or after school.

In cases of urgency, staff members should use their own discretion.

Incoming personal calls should be reserved for urgent matters.

Use of Apps and devices:

Mobile phones are not to be used for calls, texting or browsing and are to be stored away during contact time with children in the classroom, PE hall and school yard.

Teaches are directed not to use their own phones to take pictures of pupils or of their work, or to record their activities via the audio or video recording facility on their mobile devices. Teachers are only to use the school digital cameras for the purposes as outlined in the school digital consent form.

Emergency use of personal devices is confined to medical emergencies or critical incidents occurring on the campus or on school outings (see Critical Incident Management Plan).

On school outings or any trip off the school campus, teachers should use their own discretion on how they use the mobile phone to contact the school, parents or other agencies.

In so far as possible, important messages for staff should be posted at least 24 hours in advance on Alladdin.

This policy was passed and ratified by staff November 2019. Next review date is November 2022.