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Happy Halloween!!


Skullduggery at The Natural History Museum

We visited the Natural History Museum this week for a workshop called Skullduggery. We took the 14 bus to D’Olier Street and walked to Merrion Square. When we got there, our guide Catherine welcomed us in and started her talk straight away. We looked at a human skull, a tiger skull and the skull of a pilot whale. We learned about carnivores, herbivores, insectivores and omnivores. Catherine showed us how tigers trap their prey using their jaws. It was quite scary. We got to hold the tooth of an elephant. It weighed over 1kg and an elephant would have between 4 and 6  of these teeth. It was a very interesting workshop and we all really enjoyed it.

Afterwards we ate our lunch in the park in Merrion Square and played in the playground. We returned to school tired but happy after a great day out.

Fifth Class Trip to the Natural History Museum

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