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Science Presentation – Paddy Madden

Paddy Madden

Our school was so lucky to have a Science Presentation by Paddy Madden, a Lecturer on Social Environmental and Science Education at Marino Institute of Education.

We loved listening to Paddy’s stories about the plants, animals and mini-beasts of Ireland. He showed us lots of interesting plants, bugs, shells, rocks, animals homes, insect hotels – so many many things! We could listen to Paddy forever!

20140613_113437 20140613_113456


Third Classes were so lucky!

Ciarán Murphy, an engineer with IBM came into the Third Classes to do the K’nex Challenge with the children!

Weren’t they so lucky?

DSCN5074 DSCN5076 DSCN5080 DSCN5084
DSCN5097 DSCN5101 DSCN5103 DSCN5106

‘Science Buzz’ Presentations – Joint Science Event with Belvedere College

St. Fiachra’s SNS and Belvedere College participate in a joint Science event each year in our school. The secondary school boys present many different Science Experiments to our Third Classes. The Third Classes participate in hands-on activities during these presentations.

Science Buzz is an annual event in our school and is a very enjoyable experience for students in both schools.

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IMG_0612 IMG_0616 IMG_0617 IMG_0619
IMG_0303 IMG_0311 IMG_0313 IMG_0315


IMG_7436 IMG_7437
IMG_7426 IMG_7428 IMG_7431




Down below we can see photos of the Rocket Launches!

DSCN5450 DSCN5456 DSCN5457 DSCN5459 DSCN5460

iPad Use

Every class in the school enjoys using our School iPads.

We use them for research and for lessons.


IMG_6791 IMG_6790 IMG_6789

Strand: Living Things (Plants and Animals) Hairy Heads

Look at the Hairy Heads which we made!

We planted grass seeds in a sock. There was  soil in the sock. We placed the sock in a plastic cup, watered the seeds and waited!

We did not have  to wait long to see the hair grow.

Hairy Heads! Cute!!!

IMG_6727 (1) IMG_6728 (1) IMG_6729 (1)

Revising our Tables using Hopscotch

We love revising our Tables in the yard using Hopscotch.

Who knew Tables could be such fun?


IMG_6723 IMG_6724 IMG_6725

Comparing Weights

Did you realise that a hummingbird weighed only 1g???



4th Class thought that this fact was absolutely fascinating!!

They decided to compare the weight of the hummingbird to 100g, 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g, 600g, 700g, 800g, 900g, 1000g (1kg).

See below how they compared the weights.


IMG_6706 IMG_6707 IMG_6708

Making 3D Shapes

These colourful 3D Shapes were made by 4th Class. Well done!



Maths Noticeboards

There were wonderful Maths Display noticeboards in many areas of our school during Maths Week. They were bright and colourful with so many interesting mathematical facts on display. We learned so much from these noticeboards.


IMG_6761 IMG_6760 IMG_6759

Making and Using Home-made Balances for Weight

Look at these fantastic homemade balances which 4th Class made while studying about Weight. Wow! They used a coat hanger, string and two plastic cups to make these fabulous balances. They work brilliantly and were so useful for comparing different weights. Super work!


IMG_6705 IMG_6704 IMG_6703 IMG_6702
IMG_6710 IMG_6709

Using our Mathematical skills to buy food

4th Class has been busy using their mathematical skills to do some shopping. They were using Shopping Catalogues    to buy ingredients for a nutritious cheap dinner. Yummy!

What ingredients did they choose?

Whose dinner was the cheapest? What was the cost of this dinner?

Whose dinner was the most expensive? What was the cost of this dinner?

What ingredients were used in each dinner?

What change did they get from €10?

What was the difference between the cheapest dinner and the most expensive dinner?


IMG_6701 IMG_6700

4th Class Maths Trail

4th Class took advantage of the recent fine weather by organising a new outdoor Maths Trail. The children had great fun as they  searched all over our school grounds to solve the mathematical clues. There was a great variety of mathematical skills in use solving these clues.


IMG_6696 IMG_6697 IMG_6698 IMG_6699IMG_6758 IMG_6757 IMG_6756 IMG_6755IMG_6753 IMG_6752 IMG_6751 IMG_6750IMG_6745 IMG_6746 IMG_6747 IMG_6748


Maths Table Quiz

During Maths Week we all enjoyed a Maths Table Quiz in our classrooms. We worked in small groups and had great fun working together on the answers to the questions which were shown on our Interactive White Boards.


Do you have Maths’ Eyes?

During Maths Week we became very aware of evidence of Maths all around us.

We hadn’t really noticed before but when it was brought to our attention, we noticed Maths everywhere! We had lots of posters around the school illustrating Maths in our environment. We discovered Maths everywhere!!

maths eyestrianglesjuicecircle

Maths Trails

Third and Fourth Classes really enjoyed doing a Maths Trail around the school and the school grounds.

Fifth and Sixth Classes also enjoyed a more challenging School Maths Trail.

Who knew Maths could be so much fun?

maths trails

Our School Tour

We went to the National Sports Campus and the Aquatic Centre in Abbotstown for our school tour. We visited the athletics  and the gymnastics arena. We tried out trampolining, walking on the beams and the foam pit. We jumped off the springboard also. We ran a relay on the track and got to try out the long jump and the high jump.

After lunch we walked to the Aquatic Centre. We had great fun in the pool on the slides and in the lazy river.

We all agreed that it was a fantastic day out and we would recommend it to other fourth classes.

Mexican God’s Eyes

We made Mexican God’s Eyes this week in art. It was quite difficult at the start but we soon got the hang of it.

Busy Bee Art

Our Trip To The Casino, Marino

Our Trip To The Casino, Marino

On Monday 19th June the children from 4th class in St. Fiachra’s (Room 9 and 14) visited the Casino, Marino. On our arrival we were warmly welcomed by our friendly guides Ruth and Ray. We learned a lot about the  outside of the building first and the many tricks the architect used when designing the Casino. We saw the urn which is really a chimney and the pillars  which are used for drainage.

Next we went inside and visited some of the sixteen rooms which make up the Casino. Our guides pointed out the symmetry between the floor and the ceiling and the “poisonous” wallpaper. We enjoyed visiting the “bling wing” and especially hearing the stories about the women’s wigs. Lastly, we were lucky enough to go down into the tunnels which were used during the Easter Rising and the Civil War.

It was an excellent tour and our guides explained everything very well. We really enjoyed the visit and hopefully we will get a chance to visit again next year.

Room in a Box Art

We really enjoyed designing and making our shoe-box rooms this year. We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of our creations.

Christmas Art

We have been very busy doing lots of Christmas art projects. One of our favourite ones has been making a snowman from socks. We filled a sock with rice and then decorated it with googly eyes, pieces of fabric and buttons. It was great fun.