Sixth Class really enjoyed designing their Space Rockets. The rockets are based on stored energy.

Working in groups, they used insulating pipe foam to make the main body of the rocket. They used card templates for the fins.  The fins keep the rockets pointed in the correct direction.  They then used  masking tape to hold everything together!!

The children constructed a protractor to see the best angle to use which would propel the rocket the furthest distance. They punched a hole in the protractor and added string. They put BluTac on the end of the string which worked as a weight.

Using an elastic band and a wooden metre stick, they launched their rockets!!

When they pulled back the elastic band, the elastic band stored the energy. Then when the elastic band is let go, it releases this energy as it returns to its original length.

The children then measured the length each rocket flew. They compared the different lengths and established whose rocket flew the longest distance and the shortest distance.

One rocket even landed in the basketball hoop!! Can you spot it?!

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