Our Trip To The Casino, Marino

On Monday 19th June the children from 4th class in St. Fiachra’s (Room 9 and 14) visited the Casino, Marino. On our arrival we were warmly welcomed by our friendly guides Ruth and Ray. We learned a lot about the  outside of the building first and the many tricks the architect used when designing the Casino. We saw the urn which is really a chimney and the pillars  which are used for drainage.

Next we went inside and visited some of the sixteen rooms which make up the Casino. Our guides pointed out the symmetry between the floor and the ceiling and the “poisonous” wallpaper. We enjoyed visiting the “bling wing” and especially hearing the stories about the women’s wigs. Lastly, we were lucky enough to go down into the tunnels which were used during the Easter Rising and the Civil War.

It was an excellent tour and our guides explained everything very well. We really enjoyed the visit and hopefully we will get a chance to visit again next year.